Insane Istanbul adventures


My previous job would fly me to Austria once a year. One of the stopovers from Dubai was Turkey and the other was Germany. So I’m like cool, I’ll take a few days off when I come back and stop in Turkey.

The first year it didn’t happen.
The second year it didn’t happen.
Third year I’m like, Girl, make it happen, just do it.

So I took 2 days off and I booked an Airbnb and didn’t really have a plan per se but there were a few things I wanted to do. When I landed in Istanbul the airport had wifi and by magical coincidence, a girl I had met in Australia two years prior happened to be in Istanbul the same time that I was! And even more incredible than that: her hotel was 5 minutes walk away from my hotel.

It was totes meant to be, so we met up and had our fun girly adventure from there.

Some highlights: Turkish bath, walking tour, and a Turkish costume photoshoot because I couldn’t help myself.


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