Kenya believe I went to Kenya!


So my mom went to Kenya a few years ago, and I remember her bringing back these Scottish patterned blankets, and I was like, what.

Kenya’s one of those countries that everyone visits so I was like Do I go or do I not go? It’s like an obvious bucket list item.

I was worried it would be super touristy, and to be honest it kind of was (because of where I went with a travel group). We went to a Masai village and the ‘main man’ was the chief’s son and he was telling us about the Masai life:
“To become a Masai warrior, once you hit puberty, you are thrown out into the wild in the bush for a few years, and you kill a lion and you come back and then you are a Masai warrior.”

Someone asked him if he killed a lion and he was just like “Uh yeah, yeah, I did… Anyways…” and steered the conversation into a different direction lol.


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