Being a loner was the best decision I made in 2016.

I’ve always been social, super social. As a Kid I hardly ever skipped school, I loved going and hanging out with classmates. Weekends were spent at sleepovers, going to the mall. If I was ever at home I’d be on msn.

In university, weekends were spent at house parties and clubs. I would wake up to phone calls and go to sleep bbming and whatapping. My phone was never silent.

Although I do thrive in social situations I did realize I had Fomo. Serious case of FOMO

And so I conducted a social experiment of sorts. Lots of factors were at play. But basically I pulled away from my social circles and I started spending a hell of a lot more time alone.

I took myself to the movies alone, I took myself out to dinners alone. And you know what? I lived. I didn’t die of embarrassment.

I like my own company now.

I really value alone time. I use it to read books, watch documentaries, meditate and go to new fitness classes.

Try going loner for a month. I highly recommend it.


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