Overcoming insecurities

I remember walking up one day and saying I can’t do this anymore. I can’t hate myself like this anymore.

I just can’t.

What happens when I’m 50 and get wrinkles, what happens when I’m pregnant and have stretch marks all over? What happens if I get sick and bed ridden for 6 months and gain loads of weight? What happens if I contract some disease that affects all of my skin?

I need to be okay with how I look now.

I don’t need to love how I look but I need to be okay with me.

I looked up to people with body confidence. I used to think I’d never be able to achieve that, that they were just different.

But their not.

Take a good hard look at yourself and just breath.

Your not perfect and you will never be perfect but that is okay.

Its not an easy journey, it wont be a flip of a switch and suddenly you want to slay all day. But there is that little divine strong energy inside of everyone that’s talking to you that’s saying hey đź‘‹ lemme come out and play sometime.


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